Domaine Chanzy

These two (Domaine Chanzy along with the Rhone’s Chateau Signac) provide the greatest values that I have
seen/tasted from each of these appellations – either here in Australia or on any of my one or two 10-12 day tasting and buying visits to Beaune each year

Just marvellous quality and value at their prices.

I have visited Chanzy four times over the past three years, and each time have been astounded at the high and modern quality of both their White and Red Burgundies.

On each visit, I was asked to pick up the agency for Australia, but knocked this offer back on the grounds that they were so good – and in the more reasonably priced instances, such good value – that they deserved a national distributor. I.e. both the red and white reasonably priced appellations have marvellous quality fruit for these appellations, are brilliantly made and are great value.

In recent years, a very wealthy French family purchased the 40 Hectare Chanzy Domaine with its holdings across much of Burgundy and from basic appellations through Village, Premier and Grand Crus.
Since then they have invested in another 40Ha and have also spent a fortune on the winery.

They also own Chateau Signac in the Rhone Valley and these wines are made with the same care and knowledge. They are amongst the greatest values that I have ever seen from that region.  JJ

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