Jean Baptiste Jessiaume Indent 2022

Winery Background

Since 1830, the Jessiaume family has been deeply rooted in Santenay,in Burgundy.

We are lucky to grow wine in the unique land of Côte deBeaune and Côte Chalonnaise. These exceptional areas of land pushus every day to excel ourselves.The family’s story begins in 1830 with the acquisition of the estateof the Marquis of Saint-Innocent in Santenay.

Successive generations of talented winemakers created theJessiaume Estate, producing vintage after vintage of high-quality wines.The work was then divided between my Uncle Pascal taking care of thevine growing with Marc, my father, in the fermenting room.

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                                      Row of Barrels, JeanBaptiste Jessiaume Winery“Representing the sixth generation of the Jessiaume family, I am proud tohonour this history, today leading my own wine trading and making Maison.

My passion for the land and the expertise that I inherited enabled me in 2012to win the Young Talent trophy, awarded by Allen Meadows.” JeanBaptiste JessiaumeWinery Notes“This is the first time that I have tried the wines and the outcomes are very impressive.Overall, the wines are clean, fresh and very well made in a modern style.There was also excellent consistency of quality across the range.”– Barry Weinman, Fine Wine Club,


The WinesBouzeron Chardonnay 2020, 120 bottles avail. Indent Price: $34  Round, fine, textured. Classy and elegant. Would be mistaken for a quite goodChardonnay.18.3 points, JJ.Second note. 18.4 points. Yes, yes. JJJust a touch of caramel, with lovely mouthfeel and texture. The fruit is quite shyinitially, with hints of citrus and tropical notes building. Very food friendly. The fruit(100% Aligote) is hand-picked and barrel fermented (10 – 15% new oak).90 points, Barry Weinman, La Forge Chardonnay 2020, 120 bottles avail. Indent Price $48First note. Sturdy, worked, dry, balanced and round. Slightly savoury but with lovelylength. A little drier and tighter than some but very nicely made. Good wine.18.2 points, JJ.Second note. Lovely, elegant, refine.18.6 points. 13 months old! Yes. JJFresh, zesty and neutral, with a touch of nuttiness to the nectarine-like aromas. The fruit has a lighter weight on the palate but is clearly high quality. Gentle oak and minerality add texture. The length and persistence are notable. Very well made.91 points, Barry Weinman, Premier Cru Marissou Chardonnay 2020, 120 bottles avail. Indent Price $49Fine, elegant, long and classy. Textured and moving to serious. Lovely finish and aftertaste. Minerality. 18.5 points. Yes, yes, yes. JJ.Second note, light, elegant, refined, and classy, also 18.5 points. JJPretty fruit, in a cooler style, is supported by exciting acidity. Grapefruit and lemony acid keep the wine fresh and lively, while the oak is texturing without adding overt characters. An elegant, finer style that would suit short-term aging.92 points, Barry Weinman, with golden reflections. A nice complexity with a long finish in the mouth,it explodes on the palate with almond, acacia and fruity aromas including lycheeand apricot.Winery Tasting NoteSantenay La Forge Pinot Noir 2020, 120 bottles avail. Indent Price $38Ruby in colour. Its nose has red and dark fruit aromas – redcurrant, raspberry, blueberry – as well as floral – violet. Precise on the palate, with a wide aromatic range and a great persistence.Winery Tasting NoteBourgogne Pinot Noir 2020, 360 bottles avail. Indent Price $28A ruby colour with a very fine and fruity bouquet (basket of red berries). Supple withfine tannins in the mouth. This is a balanced wine with a style that is very representativeof its grape variety.Winery Tasting NoteSantenay Clos du Haut Village Pinot Noir 2019, 60 bottles avail. Indent Price $48Long, lean, modern, with classy and modern fine oak tannins. But VERY young.18.5 points – may have been high. JJSecond note. Still rich and dense but closed.18 points. JJThis has dense fruit for a Pinot, but just lacks the structure to elevate it to the top level.But this is supple, rounded and great early drinking with the strawberry fruit supportedby fresh acidity.90 points, Barry Weinman, Premier Cru Clos Rousseau Pinot Noir 2019, 60 bottles avail. Indent Price $68Cork taint. Others did not point. Behind this – young, vibrant and alive – and Serious. Sturdy and stocky but very good – even if not great but still youthfully clothed.18.4 points potentially. Yes, yes, yes. JJSecond note. Sensational fruit behind taint.18.6 points. JJSantenay Premier Cru Les Gravieres Pinot Noir 2019, 60 bottles avail. Indent Price $76Full, young, long and closed. Serious quality fruit. A touch more classy oak handling.18.5 points. Yes, yes, yes. JJSecond note. 18.5/6 points, JJ.I like this a lot. This is dense and textured, with great oak handling. Yet this retains a lightness and elegance that makes it irresistible. Souring cherry acidity on the close adds life and balance.94+pts, Barry Weinman,

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