Domaine Pernot-Belicard

Philippe, the son of the famous Paul Pernot, and his wife Mademoiselle Belicard, received her inheritance early from her side of the family so that they could begin their life together without waiting for much of their productive lives to inherit the prohibitively expensive vineyards that their extended families would leave them.

Philippe is a genuine, gifted and hardworking Puligny Montrachet vigneron and winemaker. In each instance his wines are amongst the finest available, and whilst not cheap, remain very good value for money given the quality.

This is our fourth or fifth year of bringing in Pernot-Belicard.

Domaine Pernot Belicard Bourgogne Blanc 2016.      Qty Avail. 81 – $37
Lively and fresh with some gentle minerality and really clean fruit.
Works well and great value.
Stannary St Wine Co

Ditto above. Modern, classy, textural oak and 5+ years development potential – a serious and value for money, reasonably priced Cote du Beaune appellation White Burgundy.
18 points, JJ


Domaine Pernot-Belicard Puligny Montrachet 2017.      Qty Avail. 19 – $99
Fruit driven, long, balanced and even. A degree of herbaceousness for complexity and a touch of minerality for the same. The best Village Puligny that we have seen from Pernot-Belicard to date? Lovely length and brilliant finish and aftertaste. 18.7 points, JJ
(Rob and JJ only tried the excellent 2017 but over many vintages that Lamont’s have landed, Philippe has never failed to produce a superb example and great value.)

Domaine Pernot-Belicard ‘Les Perrieres’ Puligny Montrachet Premier Cru 2017.     

Qty Avail. 17 – $152
Life, length, freshness and acid crispness. Lovely length, finish and aftertaste. Balanced, classy and very long. That fresh acidity lingers into a racy, delicious and almost classic finish and aftertaste. Awesome. 18.9 points, JJ
Concentrated citrus aroma that is made more complex by mineral aroma and then creamy texture with just a hint of orange on the palate. Succulent and rather gentle on the finish.
16.5 points, Julia Harding MW,

This vineyard is almost two in one. Half is quite rich soil whilst the other half is stony and limestone heavy. These juxtaposed characteristics each bring something different to the table, providing weight and texture on one hand and energy and minerality on the other. Works very well. Stannary St Wine Co


Domaine Pernot-Belicard Meursault Perrieres Premier Cru 2016.      Qty Avail. 24 – $199
Long, classy, worked and mealy. This vintage, though, retains freshness and it again shows minerality, length and more complexity than the Puligny Perrieres above. It too retains its freshness and its cleansing fresh acid, finish and aftertaste. Awesome.
18.9 points, JJ
Rich and dense. Correct for the appellation with real intensity. Lemon and lime cordial on the end. This should not disappoint.
16.5 points, Jancis Robinson
Philippe Pernot is one of few, if any, growers who have vines in both Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet Perrières (the two Premiers Crus are not adjacent). This shows that he’s equally adept outside his home village. Floral, leesy and textured, but with the freshness of this terroir in the upper part of Meursault.
94 points, Tim Atkin MW, Jan 2018
Like their other wines, this is made in a lean, refreshing style without too much oak influence. I believe that this stylistic choice allows the inherent richness of Meursault fruit to shine through. On the nose it is quite stony, with flinty mineral notes and hazelnut skins, but this gives way to a nice rounded palate showing creamy pear, honey crisp apple and quite subtle nutty notes. The oak is quite light, and adds to the textural element more so than the flavor. K & L Wines
Quite rich and broad… promising. Stannary St Wine Co